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How to ensure a future of good work in retail

How to ensure a future of good work in retail

Every week, new signals warn us of the death of the high street. 2018 saw household names such Toys “R” Us and Maplin go bust, while M&S, Debenhams and New Look closed a significant number of stores. More than 23,000 shops are predicted to disappear in 2019. These shifts are already having a huge impact on workers. How can we ensure a future of good work in the sector?

RSA pick of the week

Fabian Wallace-Stephens

Researcher, Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing

Fabian Wallace-Stephens shares key takeaways from the RSA's work with retailers and policy makers to design solutions needed to meet existing and future challenges for the retail sector.

How to listen


14th September 2019

An article by: Asheem Singh

Why business leaders, politicians, and friends fail to listen - and the three ways you can listen better.

Calling all creative problem solvers


16th September 2019

An article by: Natalie Ortiz

Our 2019/20 Student Design Awards briefs have launched! Nine real-world challenges rooted in big societal problems, open to higher education students and recent graduates around the world.

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